Raw Data
Screen design

Screen design for an interactive installation by Berlin video artists Visomat Inc. 
at the SAP headquarters in Berlin. 

The installation dealt with the building as a machine, collecting data from the building’s own facility management computer as well as all kinds of sensors (weather station, photo cells, surveillance cameras, traffic …) and projecting the current statistics onto a number of screens on the outside, partly in the form of plain text tables (which is what I did the design for) and partly converted to / accompanied by lots of video art (which is the work of Visomat and friends, not me). 

The whole thing was interactive – you could call 0800-RAWDATA and choose between various categories of data by pressing digits on your phone.

A project in cooperation with transmediale Festival.

Some photos by Visomat Inc.; some taken by myself on the opening night, February 4th, 2005.